April 23rd-May 27th, 2007: Hiatus

Wow, where have I been? Hell if I know. Been super busy with a whole load of crap. I wrote a giant paper, did alright, finished everything else, got myself caught up, thought a bit more about gs for next year too, but don't know if i can really think about the prospect of doing this all for another seven years, fam's okay, friend's are good, more of my friends got engaged, bringing the total to upwards of like 15-17 and well recent things have just stirred up a whole bunch of stuff which i thought was settled but wasn't, probably going to be a big issue with me for a while, ob is working on his big one, so that should be interesting tons of job rejections, issues to deal with here before i leave, parties to plan, weddings to get ready for, going to try things with this new girl, everyone says the old one is crazy, gotta do something more for certain, family stuff might be changing don't know if i see it coming back, feel like it won't be the same and going to be a giant change, that's it. go cubbies, the pen sucks, want them sent to iowa, terrible, truly terrible. need to get moving while brewers are losing.


April 14th-22nd, 2007: OtGD; FtBanK

Lots has happened since I last wrote. GS sucks TS sucks, Cubs have not been doing well and I have yet to see them win one in person in Wrigely yet despite having gone to multiple games, the VT massacure happened and the media circus has raised its tent, had my knowledge base shaken, been offered an amazing deal with me being 1 of 8, 1 of 3 and 1 of 1 which is a lot of pressure. shame i hate this. looking for jobs and all that other jazz. really don't know what to upt down. what is this world coming to?

Looney toons

April 1st-April 13th, 2007: Start of Baseball season. The year of the Cubs!

This is a week update kind of thing: Did some family stuff, traveled around, did some reasearch, writing, other paper writing, got the big one out, on target right now, worried i'm isolating myself, got the $ and not sure how that's going to turn out and it will be interesting to say the least. going to go play some badminton. Go Cubbies, turn this around. I have two games this week to see, woot woot.

Chinese, dishes, laundry, football, not enough reading, bf2, fantasy. Getting ahead of myself now, this won't get updated for a bit because I know my life will consist of nothing but researching and writing for the rest of this week. Go Cubbies!

Cubs not been doing so hot, not nearly productive enough, canker sore driving me insane, lots of work still to do, stressed way out, potential job opening, sore from UF, great to see family, bad weather rolling in, nothing but work this week and trying to sleep Friday afternoon

Mountains and deer

March 30th and 31st, 2007: Stuff I guess

No class, lunch, exhausted, something in building posioning me i think, reading, sleep, eggs, sleep, read, church, bball and hoping the gators lose on monday, laundry, emails, jobs, sleep

Dead Gator

March 28th and 29th, 2007: Got my tixs!

Classes, sleeping, errands, so stressed, library, douchebags with their paper limit, chess ass kicking, workshop, reading, class, reading, long weekend, thankful for it, so much work to do, wedding woes, won at ts, late night, get some sleep i guess

Aerial of island

March 26th, 2007: Start of term

Bathroom repair, errands, class, nap, symposium, saying good bye to RT, good food and sweet dessert, talking with peeps, wasting away the evening, nothing producitive, really torn about people leaving in just a few short weeks

Guanaja island honduras

March 16th-25th: Spring Break

I've been on break for two weeks. I had fun, did nothing productive, stayed in state, and yeah, that's it. Back to the grind. PhD acceptance is the only thing on note in there

A beach

March 14th-15th, 2007: Lazy SB days

Lots of sleeping, lounging, crushing fsu as osu, talking, tv, pizza, more sleeping, tv, reading, not enough researching, bumming, happy for GT, some reading and work tonight, march madness, only one failure so far in it


March 13th, 2007: What a BEAutiful day

Napping, worried, shopping, lunch, amazing day, work, traffic, dinner, giant 300 movie, drink, home, tv, emails, catching up, organizing, lots to do over the next few days. Must maximize productivity.

The cusp of the atmospher

March 10th-12th, 2007: An Amazing Weekend; 2/3 Circles met. Got some damn good friends

Well after a good evening on Friday, other than the place being trashed, me being exhausted, some of my friends being insane and I didn't really get to spend enough time with them all, good times. So I got back and passed out, woke up relatively early considering I went to bed around 5, saw Tr on his way, cleaned up, got the red wine off my wall, packed, headed home, church, shopping, party party party, lots of driving, old flame, passed out later after some reading, up late, fg with the guys, good to see the last of us not there the night before, drenched feet and shoes, dinner, visit grandma, home, movie, home read, sleep, breakfast, pack up, return to apt, no lunch, work out early, mash, beaituful day, stuff need to do next few days, waiting on funding, and relaxful evening and then maybe movie, but maybe not depending if girl insane or not, girl not insane and no movie, long phone call though other


March 8th and 9th, 2007: End of the term

Wasted my day away because I didn't want to work, went to work, scanned, girl, home for a bit, free food and drink, awkward advances on her end, don't think this will work, back to her place, chilled a bit and then home to write, other girl showing her feelings, finished paper, got some sleep, did some reading, went to class, lunch, felt stupid as hell, home, chilled, shopping, no one can drive, my goodness, cleaning, preping, party, MIA 14W, GS hear but not decision, see full crew tomorrow and looking forward to it.

March 2nd-7th, 2007: GS sucks and way too much work and not enough time.

Wow, what have I been doing lately. I guess I can sum it all up: finals. I've been busting my ass since last Friday. All I did all weekend was work on papers and play some GH2 and beat some more songs, but man, I really just worked. Church on Saturday and then more work. Last night we got some snow. I got dicked over on one assignment and I think that I got the shit kicked out of me tonight on my final; but what the fuck did they expect. It must have been like 700+ pages of reading with the only instruction of "have fun". What bullshit. I got another job rejection today, set things up to hang out with a girl tomorrow and on Friday. Gotta get shit ready for the party. One last paper to write and tons of reading and clean up to do before a good fun weekend. I finally tied my brother with 67 wins of free cell which took all of like 8+ hours to map out on paper. Watched simpsons last friday with a few people which was a nice break. I wonder how many people my place can hold cause right now I might be pushing the limit. Did dishes and now some mash and then taking other crap off my list. Better swing this 4 because my GPA needs to get pulled up and I'm still pretty sure I'm getting f'd all over.

Watching fireworks in Australia on the beach with a storm coming in on the other side while seeing the comet in the middle streaking through the ether

February 26th-March 1st, 2007: Wasted Days and not in the good way

Work, tv, people, minimal reading, i'm so fucked with my work load, exhausted, more work, more reading, still not enough, equally exhausted, time crunch. I wouldn't expect much out of this for the next 9 days. so much to get done. today class, talking, socializing, reading, class, fucked with final, gh beat on hard my brother is the greatest freecell player of all time, 5 canker sores, so much to get done, editing, fucking insurance company douche bags making me call them AGAIN, mccain declarind run for presidency, the hats keep getting tossed in, 8 year old 214 lb girl making headlines, sleepy; sleepy, reading, printing, work, girl, pictures, goodbye, farewell, amen, dinner, reading, gh2, freecell #29093, my brother is king, didn't get nearly enough done today, sleep, busting my ass all weekend to get shit done in good order and time. fucking procrastination and fc and all the shit to do.

Lightning on the Acropolis

February 23rd-25th: Writing weekend

Gee, I've really been neglecting this thing all weekend. Which is sad too since I had this huge long rant I wanted to include in here so that it was more than just a scant stream of thought-type listing of what all I do with my blurish days. Unfortunately, I have no interest in doing such a thing at the moment, so you'll have to settle for the same ol same ol. Class, little bit of sleeping, errands, setting up time to write, failure, procrastination, note taking, sleep, same thing driving me crazy as last few days, up early finish note taking, start writing, church, email from girl saying she'll entertain me all night long, church, cleaning up, simpsons party, fondue party, pissed girl who sent the email, sleep and some shitastic weather, woke up today, no followthrough on the promised message of last night, writing, ten pages finished today, "done" but it is really shitty, so tons of work to do before its over, gh2, free printing, still snowing, tons and tons of reading and everything else to deal with, need to plan for sb, thesis destroyed with the appearance of one source, time for some serious recovery and such, need to set things up with friends, reading, sleep at some point i imagine, no word back from gss, either one of them.

Disgusting typing

February 20th and 21st, 2007: These things we do so that others may live

Bib, work, lib, bib, read, nap, friend leaving, women are bitches, class, good jokes, job rejection, lib, food, read, stress, people talking, class, nap, good 2nd half, people, family member out of the hospital, talk with people, tons to read, then write, women are problematic, need to write 3 pages every day for the next 4 days.

Comet McNaught over Catalonia

February 19, 2007: More days flying by

Napping, reading, lunch, work, reg, talks, presentation, dinner and story swapping, lib, reading, tv, cookies, more reading, jumble of such, exhasuted, time crunch is going to be insane.

February 16th-18th, 2007: Weekend Update

Class, annoying guy in there, interview, library, friend in town, seing people at the bar, late night discussion up earlish, tv and movies, church, dinner, movies, cleaning up, friend leaving, tons of work to do, tying up lose ends, sick family member and hoping that all turns out alright for them and pretty tired

February 15th, 2007: A Damn Good Thursday

Woke up before my alarm, did some research, wasted time, frustrated with my topic , went to work, library, fun time, bar, fit in well, overall a really good night, although not productive

February 12th-14th, 2007: My programming is not getting any better

So i can't ever do this stuff all on a daily basis or what since i've been so busy worked the last two days, seen a good portion of snow hitting the ground, not oswego new york snow, but still enough that it's annoying. umm, other than that i've been reading and trying to get myself motivated to work. played ts with mike yesterday. i would follow his 12 picture thing but if you saw how boring my days were, you'd cry. today i will not have class after all and need to really make use of the day and its free time. in other news i'm concerned about my friend. valentine's day as well i saw this image online and thought it was pretty good. it was on amazon

February 11th, 2007: Not even close to a full effort

I need to spend more time with this stuff learning it. Especially after I'm sure my poor performance on my programing test last week. up early, reading all day, some lunch, bit of tv, more reading and reading, failed efforts in beating the system, reading, bit of ocean's 11, watching the snow fall, plotting th strategy, missing out on travel, looking at jobs, calling it a night early, for me anyway.

February 9th-10th, 2007: I'm laconic, deal with it.

class, prop, lunch, work, cool falcon print, reserves, scans, freecell, printing snafu, pub, red-head, darts, jimmy's, zonked out, 51 games, up early and balls cold, good field trip, great sites, decent talks, usual, no one can drive but props to those people who ignorantly got into their car rather than let me back up out of the tight spot but who didn't let their door hit mine in the whole process, dinner, group, awkwardness, souther na fun, laundry, sleep, getting caught up tomorrow. things moving by way too quickly

February 8th, 2007

So i had meetings this morning then took a job test and think i did alright on the verbal and the math although it took me a hella long time to do that but i don't really use math on a daily basis. then i took the practice, quick, little intensive learn programming thing. ha, that sucked. after that work, no time for lunch, some reading, letter writing for apps, pizza for dinner, other app filling out, reading, talking, reading, time for some sleep.

February 6th-7th, 2007

class, boredom, stress, interview, reading, class, nothing remotely fun on the 6th, family, reading, reading, sleeping the picture is composed entirely of legos

February 2nd-5th, 2007: They're all to blame, but Rex deserves a whole hell of a lot of it

Did some reading, froze my bum off, had my conviction that humanity is doomed confirmed multiple times, celebrated with friends, watched the Bears suck horrible ass, read, back to the same ole grind. No work, meetings, some reading, some TS and losing yet again, and not being nearly productive enough. Man, I see a horrible trend in my life developing.

February 1st, 2007: Cold

So I have an interview next week, have I mentioned that yet? I don't really know. Today was about meetings, looking at stuff for my future in possible career fields, although Mike told me not to because it would be so boring, I did learn that FSU has one of the best programs in the nation, so maybe that will appease him if I take that path. The stress of proposals and readings and presentations and papers and visiting places and still trying to maintain some type of life is really starting to be a drag. I at least am back to a regular sleep cycle for me, which is basically like I work both first and second shift jobs with only 5 hours or so of sleep in the middle. Anyway, go Bears getting closer. Cubs signed Floyd the other day so that means $300+ million been spent this year by the Tribune Co to put a winning team in Wrigley. Go Cubbies. Go Bears. Go Bulls. Sox suck, hockey sucks? However, Comcast sucks even more. Nine outages in two days.

January 30th and 31st, 2007 End of a Month!

Well the last two days have been a blur of writing papers, wishing I could actually get ahead and do stuff that I'd banked on. Alas, looks like it will be a rush for everything I have an interview next week so that should be interesting. I wonder how people act on those things? Maybe I should attempt some sort of practice interview....oh well. Played some TS tonight and although we had some good games going, we didn't get to finish any game since we kept getting d/c. Oh yes, Comcast Sucks! The image today really impresses me, almost looks like a thick oil painting. But then again, it is the Lena River Delta in Russia.

January 28th and 29th, 2007

So I went to something yesterday that I thought was going to be nerdalicious, but it turned out to be alright. Kinda cool, but still kinda dorky. Worked on some reading a bit and then passed out for a while and then did a bit more reading before finally going to sleep and then getting up early today and working, reading, and now writing for the evening. Seems like it will be some more busy days. Not feeling too well either. So my streak came to an end yesterday which means I'm a bit pissed

Missing 6 days: January 22nd-27th, 2007

So I'm behind a few days, and by that I mean a week. Here's a quick summary. Worked Monday and Tuesday and then hit up class for the remainder of the days. Played some Ts with Mike over the weekend and got my ass kicked quite a whole hell of a lot and after writing like mad in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I played with him some wednesday night after a field trip to see how fun kids learning can be and then Thursday I worked, presented my prop, Friday was class and reading and anticipating the superbowl. Truly this has been a boring week and the term is flying by. Thursday I also marked the 4 year of my pup not being here. Hence there are two pictures although one is getting kicked down to the other day that didn't have one. Friday class and errands and reading. Saturday, reading and busting my hump.

January 21st 2007 BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS!

Nothing I did can compare with what the Bears did. Been 21 years and they're headed back. The below picture will be what you'll see in two weeks, only much much better.

January 20th 2007

Not enough work, few naps, good brunch, good talk about HK, ass kicked by Nod, finished most of my reading for HM, still have tons to do for tomorrow and it's going to be a tight schedule this week making sure that everything gets done. Sigh.

I think this picture is amazing and that if you look at it, it's either like a thing of cotton candy being spun or one of those pictures that involves the veins in the eye, but the light reflects backward through the eye creating a similar image.

Don't my margins suck?

January 18th and 19th, 2007

Headhache. That's what today was. Issues with school, getting apps sent out, resumes uploaded, in touch with people that had been blowing me off for months. Somehow I don't think it's fair that I get charged $225 for taking one day of class and then getting some bullshit reason that he needs the money otherwise he can't continue teaching the class. On top of that, he ignored all the emails I sent him and changed his phone number and email address without telling me. And he has the audacity to make it seem like I'm the one in the wrong when I'm trying to get my other $225 back from him. What a world. Work was fine , always a good time. After that class, home for tons of reading, and now finally exhaustion. My longest entry evar. Impressive, I know. Mike kicked my ass after a long day of class, little productivity, what will be even less sleep, and a fun time at a pub.

Janurary 16th and 17th, 2007

Yesterday was spent with work stuff while today was spent in class and doing work stuff followed by a grave desire for sleep and progress in every one of my major projects. No success.

January 15th, 2007

Woke up late, read a bit, worked on resumes and cover letters, watched some tv, dirty jobs...mike rowe, guy's an opera singer turned televison host; just never know the potential people have I guess. Library, and the book I needed got checked out in the 15 minutes it took me to get to the library, more reading, dinner, reading, library and research, reading, getting rocked by Mike in TS, yet again, with the records of games being 7-1 in his favor. Boo me, I suck. Mike kicked my ass faster than the Turks took out Constantinople in 1453. That's saying something.

Jaunary 14th, 2007

I woke up, tried to read, fell asleep, woke up two minutes before the Bears game, pissed my neighbors off with loud screaming, watched them win, did more reading, and that's where I am now. That and looking for a job. Boo jobs.

January 13th, 2007

I did nothing all day but sleep, watch some football, and try to catch up on my reading. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive venture as I'm to be eaten alive by massive amounts of work this term.

January 12th 2007

Umm, I met my prof, went to class and stayed awake, took pictures around campus, grabbed lunch, worked for 3 hours, subsequently got my butt kicked twice in TS and then settled in for a bit of reading and not being nearly productive enough.